In the Spring of 2016 2,800 people generously pledged $32.5M to Rise. We are committed to keeping you informed on the progress of initiatives that are being launched, in partnership with Redeemer and City to City, as a direct result of these funds.

Redeemer Report

Redeemer’s monthly newsletter—a special edition for Rise from June 2016


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+ Continue to pray for a permanent home for Redeemer East Side — a place that will foster belonging, renewal for the neighborhood and a space that will be a public utility for all to share.



+ 22% of our Rise givers have not started fulfilling their pledge. Since Rise initiatives depend on it, please pray that all pledgers are able to fulfill their financial gifts.



+ Please pray that those who attend the Gospel Identity Conference will be equipped by the experience and inspired to live out of their gospel identity as they engage the city.



+ Pray that the leaders trained in these programs will experience the gospel deeply as they wrestle with its practical implications for ministry. Pray also that as they learn together, the Holy Spirit would strengthen their friendships and unify the body of Christ across New York.



+ Pray that churches across the city remain rooted in the gospel and places where new people come to profess faith in Christ. Pray specifically that Hope Church, Renaissance and The Gathering continue being places of rich communities that are welcoming to non-believers and those processing Christianity.


Seek the peace and prosperity of the city… PRAY TO THE LORD FOR IT because if it prospers, you too will prosper.
Jeremiah 29:5–7