Thank you to over 2,700 people who joined us in prayer on April 16.


Double-tap the spot on the map to show where you will rise and pray for this movement.  

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See how New Yorkers are committing to rise where they are. 


David & Sarah Hawkins, with Johnny & Barrett

pin-01 W. Houston St. & Thompson St.


“We’re from Texas, and honestly, we never thought we’d be in New York as long as we have or now be raising kids in the city. But we are so excited about the vision of God renewing New York through people who are willing to invest in it. We want to be among those who aren’t just focused on what the city can give us, but what we can give to the city. For us, we feel called to do that by being community-builders. We don’t just mean being in a Redeemer Community Group. We want to use our apartment, our time, our family relationships to encourage community in meaningful ways. We hope to reflect the gospel simply by drawing near to people, as God graciously draws near to us.”



Mark & Cyndie Stambaugh, with Mairwen

pin-01 West 136th St. & Broadway


“Raising a family in New York City is both a gift and a challenge. We are so grateful for the prayers many have said for our family. We would like to rise up to embody the gospel in a new way by lifting up other families in daily prayer—specifically one family per day. That would be 365 families in a year! We want to love people better through prayer, as well as encourage and exhort other families to not just survive in this city, but to serve the city we love, for God’s glory.”



Silas Farley

pin-01 W. 69th St. & Broadway


“I am a dancer with the New York City Ballet and I also teach at the School of American Ballet. God has given me a unique opportunity to be both a performer and a leader. I am committed to mentoring younger dancers in more intentional ways that reflect the grace and patience of God. I want to look people in the eye, to encourage, to uplift—all as God shows me how to be a servant leader. I also want to help embody mercy and generosity within the competitive, performance-based culture of professional dance. I believe dance can fundamentally be a place of hope.”


Brett & Tina Gaudin

pin-01 Poplar & Hicks St.


“We’re moving into a new apartment, and we will dedicate it as a place of intentional hospitality. For us that means not just inviting people into our home, but into our life. By inviting people around our table—for relationship, encouragement, to let people know they are valued—we hope to embody what it means to love our neighbor in ways that reflect how Jesus likewise loves us. We are excited to truly get to know and serve our neighbor in response to the Spirit’s leading.”



Gary Bowler

pin-01 93rd & Columbus


“I’ve lived in New York for 45 years now, and I know how easy it is for people to get lost or overlooked here. But I want to follow Jesus’ example of seeking people— of letting people know they are not alone. I have been learning how fully accepted I am by God through Jesus Christ. I am committed to extending that acceptance and love by serving as a caregiver to people who need it. There’s an elderly woman in my building who is alone. I am committing to regularly check in on her.”



In Seon & Jane Hwang, with Evelyn

pin-01 Irving Pl. & E.18th St.


“We are making a new commitment to draw near to the poor and marginalized in this city. Rather than pass by, we will engage and pray daily for the homeless men and women in our neighborhood. We will also increase our financial support and volunteer time with Hope for New York. We want mercy and justice to be part of our lives in practical ways. God’s heart is for the vulnerable; we pray He can use us to express that—and reflect more of His goodness in this city.”



Felicia & David Grant, with Kathryn & Daniel

pin-01 West End & W. 70th St.


“We are so excited about a vision of new churches being planted all over New York City. We know we need to think about whether God is calling us to be part of planting a new church so that more families can be blessed as we have been by our church family. If we really want to see a gospel movement take root in New York City, we know we need to pray for the leaders of new churches—and be open to serving with them.”



Charles & Helen

pin-01 Edgewater St. & Clifton Ave.


“More than ever before, we intend to invite and bring our friends, families, and our neighbors who do not know Christ to hear the gospel at Redeemer. We are all in.”




pin-01 Hart St. & Nostrand Ave.


“I’m going to make and share a meal once a month with all the members of the small group that I lead and invite my non-Christian friends to join.”




pin-01 E. 85th St. & 3rd Ave.


“I’m going to commit to volunteering twice a month with a Hope for New York affiliate.”



Ryan & Adrienne

pin-01 W. 86th St. & Central Park Ave.


“We’d like to reference our commitment to mercy and justice as part of our call to action. We’ve become more involved with Hope for New York over the past few months and we’re committed to working with the organization and their affiliates.”




pin-01 E. 95th St. & 3rd Ave.


“I just moved into a new apartment and I’m going to invite both Christians and non-Christians for meals in my home.”



Nathan & Elise

pin-01 W. 70th St. & Amsterdam Ave.


“We commit to pray each week for each one of the students we mentor through Operation Exodus.”




pin-01 E. 89th St. & 2nd Ave.


“I will be actively involved in a tennis league which uses tennis as a tool for youth development and community building in underserved neighborhoods in Brooklyn.”




pin-01 W. 38th St. & Ave. of the Americas


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